It all started with a vision; a vision to uplift women.



One of a kind

Project Utthan is a Lucknow based initiative, motivated to work for women. It aims to elevate women by levelling the employment field by working across social divides to enable disadvantaged women from unprivileged backgrounds to empower themselves by having a job and source of income to themselves. 
Project Utthan came together with an NGO called Samajik Navchetna Mahila Sashaktikaran Samiti which had a similar vision as ours. We employ women to produce spices/products using the traditional method of using a hand mill 'chakiya'.Our products are pristine with no artificial colouring or taste adding, thus making them unique.

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Geetanjali Chakiya Masala

The use of chemical fertilizers to boost agricultural production has produced adulterated edible products by giant commercial companies which are hazardous to both the body and the environment. The only way to get pure natural products, free from any kind of chemical impurity is by going back to using conventional hand tools like a hand mill, ‘chakiya’ which, without an iota of doubt, requires immense effort and time but at the same time retains the nutritional value of the raw material in its natural form. The spices are sold under the name 'Geetanjali Chakiya Masala' and have consumers in Lucknow, Ayodhya, Sitapur, Jaunpur and other parts of Uttar Pradesh. Our partner, Uday enterprises look after the sale and advertisement of the spices. All the revenue that is generated goes into the wages of the women and the investments needed to produce these spices.


Around 500 Women have connected with us and are involved in the production to the best of their capacity. 


Spices like Turmeric, Red Chilli, Garam Masala, Coriander are produced along with products like Oats, Multigrain Flour, and Gram Flour.

Samajik Navchetna Mahila Sashaktikaran

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Uday Enterprises

Our Partners